Wake up and decide where you be at the end of the world.
You feel that you be far from the noise and the routine is treacherous,
Do you want to be detached from everything, right at the end of the world?
So we find that only you the address of your dream vacation at the end of the world.
In the northeast in the Lower Galilee in the shield of Saul at the foot of Mount Gilboa, Jezreel Valley, there is a beautiful B & B complex that contains six log cabins with a spectacular courtyard and large swimming pool and luxurious.

In our yard in the shade of olive, fig and subtle;
Vacations are expensive, if positive energy, smiles and excitement, packed some light clothes, comfortable shoes, bathing suit and camera, to capture beautiful moments, rose on the car and drive to the green spaces. Open the car window to feel the difference the air.

A glimpse of the wooden shacks;
Cabins queen / princess: Oil so they have been built so you'll feel pampered kings vacationers. Cabins are identical and are designed prestigious style, the cottage is built entirely of solid wood both inside and outside, too. Wooden walls give a feeling of warmth, and internal furniture is modern furniture with a touch of luxury once, all contents of the room is a cream-colored cream. Extra large double bed waiting for you all a cream linen stroke of 100% cotton. Oren's gentle bedside lamps hanging above the bed adds a romantic atmosphere perfect experience. Matching bedside cabinets are also an antique cream color with delicate wood carvings. Queen / princess dressing room we have added an impressive chest with mirror, bedside. "Icing" of the hut beside the bed is located in a large circular Jacuzzi is entirely illuminated by candles provide a romantic atmosphere, sensual and relaxing. Located near the hot tub towel holder for the convenience of guests. The windows are covered with delicate lace curtains and the cabin elements are stylish and add integrity cabin: Fur rugs scattered round the floor of a cream-colored cottage, which add warmth and a sense of home. Decoration of butterflies on the wall. Lighting chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. We worried about privacy perfection perfect experience every cabin has its own private courtyard great addition to the yard.

Luxurious cabins / love:
Two of these cabins are identical to each other, country-style hot, and yes they did like oil, these cabins provide a sense of indulgence and love and are tailored for couples seeking luxury and uniqueness. These huts are built of wood and soaked in clear pine romantic, calm and peaceful. The atmosphere in the huts gives a sense of innocence and warmth to make it easy for you to disconnect from the outside world and devote yourself to one another. Spacious space with blond wood walls waiting for couples seeking the delights of the village, four-poster bed, wide gentle, surrounded by lace curtains and lace. A romantic all-white, white bedding and custom of inviting the bed, making it a haven romantic love. Located next to the bed shows nodule to those who like seeing the love. Opposite the bed is located in the LCD TV + DVD to curl up in bed together that allow the pampering with a sweeping film. Plasma is going to pay directions and toward the big hot tub located in the corner. Jacuzzi decorated with candles and soft light distributors romantic bathing him. Charming cottages and these amazing provide maximum comfort for those in them, cottages: Spacious and fully equipped kitchenette with an adjacent dining area, air conditioning, living area, a pergola at the entrance and grass near the cabin . Luxurious cabins and wait for couples.

In summary:
Dear vacationers Gilboa Mansion invites you to dream and luxurious vacation at the end of the world. Gilboa Mansion winning combination, once-rural with today's modern with all these hearty service and creating endless kindness perfect vacation. So get out of open spaces, scent of the village and orchards. Everything here – the nearest whole nature – that of the Gilboa mountain, lifestyle, weather – everything here is significantly different from what you know.

Routine disengagement seekers, those looking for exotic and change, yearning romance of yesteryear – this Gilboa Manor Place. Gilboa estate dream becomes reality.